Norbert Pfeufer

Curriculum Vitae


Norbert Pfeufer MD,MBA, Health Care Management
Specialist for Anaesthesiology/ Intensive Care/ Emergency Medicine
Date of Birth: 16.08.1962


Current positions:


Head of Emergency Dpt./ Hospital of Heidenheim/ Academic Teaching Hospital University, Ulm


Academic/ professional Training:


10/1982 – 11/1998 Studies of Medicine at Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen, Germany with final exam on 02.11.1998
12/1988 – 12/1990 Registrar Dpt. For Neurology and Spinal cord injuries Hospital Hohe Warte Bayreuth, Germany
01/1991 – 03/1991 Registrar Swiss Centrum for Paraplegics, Nottwill
03/1991 – 07/1996 postgraduate training and specialization, Dpt. Of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Hospital Hohe Warte Bayreith, Teaching Hospital University Erlangen
07/1996 Bord exam Anaesthesiology
07/1996 – 01/2007 Anaesthesiologist Hospital Bayreuth, Germany
08/2004 Bord exam Emergency Medicine
02/2007 – 02/2011 Consultant (IUC, emergency room, emergency medicine including helicopter, responsible for organization of organ donation, intra-hospital resusciation team and teaching) Hospital Bayreuth, Germany
09/2007 Bord Exam Intensive Care medicine
ATLS/ ACLS Provider, SimMan Instructor
2010 – 2012 Master studies in Health Care Mangement, University of Bayreuth, Germany


Relevant professional experiences:

Responsibility for Organ donation, intra-hospital resucitation training, Emergency medicine on ground-based and air rescue (helicopter)
Since 3/2011 Head of Department of Emergency Medicine, Hospital Heidenheim, Germany
Diploma in ALL Mountain Medicine and Expedition and Wilderness Medicine


Member of:

DGAI (German Association of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care)
DGINA (German Association of Interdiscipinary Emergency medicine)
AGBN (Group of Bavarian Emergency Physicians)

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