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Current Flyer (produced in October 2015) german



2016, April / May: Report by Sabine Schwenkner german

2016, April / May: Report by Dr. Friedel & Dr. Bernard german

2016, April / May: Report by Dr. Kirsten Graubner german

2016, April / May: Videoreport by Nina Bauer tigrinya

2016, February / Event (STORZ) german



2017 – 2014: Dokumentation der Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Eritreischen Partnern english

2015, October: Event at “Gut Basthorst” Invitation / Einladung german

2015, July: Report about our activities english

2014, October: Report from Dr. Jörg Kampen “VAL, Follow-up Observation” english

2014, September: “Welcome to Eritrea” Invitation / Einladung german

2014, May: Report by Dr. Karola Edelmann english

2014: Report by Dr. Jörg Kampen “VAL for Eritrea” deutsch | english

2014, February: Letter from Dr. Ulf Bauer & Résumé of Visit german | english

2014 January: Report by Sabine Schwenkner (Nursery) german | english

2014, January 14th: ‘Improving the Treatment of Cancer’ program

(Eritrean-German Workshop in Asmara)
2013, November 28th: Presentation of the Projects in Hamburg program

2013, July 6th: Eritrean-German Workshop in Hamburg program

2013, April 6th: Workshop Ob/Gyn in Hamburg